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The most talked about and most requested hair coloring service in salons is Balayage. Photos of what are deemed as balayage are seen in abundance, but often times the look is confused with another technique.

Stylists are left confused with how to accomplish these gorgeous sun-kissed looks strewn all over the internet, TV and magazines. PRAVANA, with the help of Balayage Expert Guy Tang, has debunked Balayaging and created an entire product line formulated and dedicated to the art of balayage.


Pure Light Balayage Lightener

PRAVANA creates another color innovation with its Pure Light Balayage Lightener, a lightener so unique from lighteners of the past, stylists will find balayaging to be easier than ever before. 

Pure Light Balayage Lightener is specifically formulated lightener to purposefully create effortless, natural blondes, as it touched by the sun.


Pure Light Activators

Developed with nourishing Aloe Vera and special blonding catalysts, the three Pure Light Balayage Activators are specifically formulated to maximize the performance of Pure Light Balayage Lightener to create the perfect balayage consistency. Aloe Vera promotes healing and moisture retention, keeping the lightener inside the “shell” moist for extended open-air processing while preserving the integrity of the hair.

Meche Sheets

Meche Sheets

Re-usable color barriers that allow you to keep the lightener moist longer. These are also great for the beginner balayager who wants a barrier in-between lightener applications.

3 PRAVANA + Guy Tang Balayage Brushes

All 3 brushes were constructed with the stylist cult-fave Accusoft bristles found on Framar brushes. These bristles are unlike anything you have ever experienced. 

Smallest Brush: For very intricate details. This brush is small and angled for precision painting and fine highlighting placement.

Medium Brush: The ‘Guy Tang’ favorite. Again, great for intricate details. Holds a bit more color, so ideal for stroking on soft, sun-kissed panels with a gradient effect. A thicker, more comfortable handle which people seem to love.

Large Brush: Can be used for any and all applications. Balayage, color corrections, full colors, foil-highlights, you name it. Wider, so it holds a ton of color or lightener and will spread fast

Pure Light Balayage Palette

An essential tool to a painter, the palette provides the artist means in which they can paint freely. The Pure Light Balayage Palette caters to the artist with an ergonomic handle for comfort and a special built-in reservoir to hold Pure Light Balayage Lightener.


Balayage Basics

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