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Nook is a series of hair care products formulated by Maxima Cosmetics, Italy. Nook series products have formulas that derive from the desire to create a perfect synergy between Science and Nature, by using raw materials with excellent cosmetic quality, enhanced with precious Organically Certified Argan Oil, fine Plant Oils and functional substances of natural origin.

“We believe in the Beauty of Simplicity. In the Harmony of Elements. In the Balance between Man and Nature.”

Each product is formulated with botanical extracts and precious oils that are natural and organic, giving rise to a new concept of beauty without compromise.

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Colored hair needs particular attention, even at home! Consisting of a shampoo and conditioner for fine hair, shampoo and hair mask for thick hair; you can now preserve your hair color by using the right products at home!

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Seduce your hair with a range of products designed to enhance smoothness, brilliance and natural balance. 

The magic of a precious and fascinating ritual, dedicated to all hair types, even the most subtle and delicate, formulated with oil Argan Biocertificato and valuable vegetable oils and active ingredients of natural origin.


The perfect equilibrium between an Ancient Soul and Modern Thinking

An accurate selection of active principles of natural derivation together with the most modern cosmetic technology have inspired NOOK DIFFERENCE HAIR CARE. Divided into 6 families of specific treatments and developed to provide effective answers for the most common hair and scalp disorders.

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