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Preparation for Color Whiz 2

Before the big day, MTM organised an in-house training for the sales staff to be taught by the professionals themselves, the Artistic Educators from PRAVANA. The training covered the whole product range from PRAVANA, placing a huge emphasis on their latest products – ChromaSilk VIVIDS Everlasting, ChromaSilk Violet Arsenal and PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener – which is going to be the highlight of the Color Whiz 2 event.

After getting the basic theory covered, it’s time to get involved as everyone dived into the practical aspect of the training. With a various range of hair color base swatches, everyone got to mixing the new colors with different volumes of developer. Tested on the hair swatches, it brought about many different hair outcomes, which helped the sales staff understand better of how these products work and how to achieve the desired result.

After a fruitful training, we moved on to the second half of the agenda. The models who will be the star of the event came down to get their hair prepped for the big day.

Stay tuned as we update you with what happened on the big day!


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