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T5.6 Active Pre

Anti-dandruff treatment for irritated scalp

Active Ingredients: Synergy of 16 essences, such as Thymian, Azulene, Bergamot, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary. Salicylic Acid and Piroctone Olamine. Jojoba Oil.

Action: Regulates the bacterial flora of scalp, contrasting the aggression of bacteria and keeping the scalp well moisturized. Carries out a natural peeling function by removing the cells of the horny layer that are no longer able to carry out their protective function, thereby facilitating the elimination of dandruff. Calms and reduces scalp redness.


Performance: The scalp no longer peels off, and it is healthy and perfectly clean. The hair looks vital and full of tone.

S5 Active Shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo for sensitive scalp

Active Ingredients: SLS and SLES free surfactants derived from plants. Synergy of 9 essences, such as Palmorose, Scotch Pine, Chamomile. Piroctone Olamine (Octopirox). Wheat Proteins.

Action: Cleanses the scalp gently and effectively. Carries out an intense balancing action and normalizes scalp moisture, reducing dandruff and protecting the scalp during washing.

Performance: The hair looks voluminous, soft and shiny and the scalp is healthy.

S6 Active Shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo for irritated scalp

Active Ingredients: SLS and SLES free surfactants derived from plants. Synergy of 10 essences, such as Origanum, Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil. Zinc Pyrithione and Salicylic Acid. Wheat Proteins.

Action: Cleanses scalp with dandruff and irritations gently. Enables the scalp to face external aggressions, by carrying out an intense balancing and protective action on the epidermis.

Performance: Irritations are sensibly reduced. The scalp is perfectly balanced, while the hair looks soft, bright and full of volume.

T5.6 Active Post

Anti-dandruff normalizing treatment

Active Ingredients: Synergy of 8 essential oils, such as Myrtle, Bisabolol, Azulene, Cyprex. Piroctone Olamine. Salicylic Acid.

Action: Its soothing properties prevent redness, protect the scalp from bacteria, moisturize the epidermis and contrast the external aggressions. Removes dandruff gently and prevents its reappearance.

Performance: The scalp is well-protected, moisturized and perfectly clean. The hair also appears thick and vital.

T5.6 Active Day System

Daily treatment with anti-dandruff action

Active Ingredients: Mix of 12 essences, such as Palmarose, Azulene, Thymian. Extracts of Horse-chestnut and Allantoin.

Action: Protects and keeps the scalp well hydrated, while soothing and calming redness. If used daily, it helps to prevent the reappearance of dandruff. The natural gentleness of this product provides benefits to every skin type, even the most sensitive ones.

Performance: Irritations are rapidly reduced. The scalp is perfectly protected.

Z5.6 Active Zone

Intensive anti-hair loss treatment specifically for the most irritated areas of the scalp

Active Ingredients: Mix of 11 highly concentrated essences, such as Tea Tree Oil, Bergamot, Chamomile and Palmarose. Allantoin. Aloe Vera juice.

Action: Triple and powerful anti-dandruff action for the scalp with soothing and protective effects. Promotes the recovery of the normal functions of the epidermis by regulating the bacterial flora which is to be found within the natural hydro-lipid coating of the scalp.

Performance: The scalp is healthy and vital, the episodes of itch and peeling resolve themselves rapidly and effectively.

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