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M8 Nutry Microproteine

Nourishing moisturizing treatment with microproteins

Active Ingredients: Microproteins of Wheat and proteins of Almond and Rice. Nymphaea extract. Proteins of Cashmere. Innovative Preservative System of natural origin.

Action: A real protein concentrate designed to protect, moisturize, strengthen and nourish the keratinic fiber in depth. Helps to retain and strengthen the moisture inside the hair, ensuring optimum elasticity and docility.

Performance: The hair looks well-hydrated, particularly glossy, light and easy to comb.

S8 Nutry Shampoo

Nourishing moisturizing shampoo

Active Ingredients: SLS and SLES free surfactants derived from plants. Proteins of Wheat and Almond. Proteins of Cashmere. Jojoba Oil and moisturizing Glucosides. Innovative Preservative System of natural origin.

Action: Cleanses gently and respects the hair structure. Nourishes the dry hair in depth. Moisturizes the capillary fiber by adding shine.

Performance: Soft and shiny hair that looks extremely silky and docile.

C8 Nutry Conditioner Cream

Nourishing moisturizing conditioner

Active Ingredients: Proteins of Cashmere. Oil of Jojoba and Avocado. Extracts of Nymphaea, Althaea and Cocoa. Innovative Preservative System of natural origin.

Action: Moisturizes and enhances the structure of the hair, without adding weight, and restores its original energy and vitality.

Performance: The hair recovers its original thickness, shine and silkiness. The hair is perfectly moisturized and this makes it extremely easy to comb.

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