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M7 PH Mud Mask

Rebalancing cataplasm

Active Ingredients: Original Dead Sea Salts. Extracts of Klamath Algae, Chondrus Crispus Algae and Carrageen. Innovative Preservative System of natural origin.

Action: Carries out a powerful purifying and skin secretion regulating action, promoting the normalization and strengthening of scalp balance and functions. Deeply moisturizes scalp and hair lengths.

Performance: Healthy scalp, vital and thick hair.

S7 PH Shampoo

Rebalancing shampoo for scalp and hair

Active Ingredients: SLS and SLES free surfactants derived from plants. Grapefruit extract. E vitamin. Cereal proteins. Innovative Preservative System of natural origin.

Action: Cleanses the scalp extremely gently even in the case of frequent washing. Thanks to its bivalent rebalancing and conditioning action, it is able to restore the optimum balance between scalp and lengths. Normalizes the pH of the hair, thus encouraging the complete closure of the scales.

Performance: Soft and shiny hair that looks extremely light and easy to comb.

C7 PH Conditioner Balm

Bivalent conditioning treatment with acidifying action

Active Ingredients: Grapefruit extract. Wheat proteins. Innovative Preservative System of natural origin.

Action: Helps to normalize the pH of the hair, restoring the perfect balance between scalp and hair lengths. Promotes the closure of cuticle scales. Gives strength and volume without adding weight.

Performance: A quick detangling action that adds softness and brightness to every kind of hair, thus facilitating hair styling. For immediately glossy, silky, and easy to comb hair.

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